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Late Summer Days

It is particularly warm in Boston today. I have the day to myself which is perfect. I’ve already done grocery shopping, have no work to do, and truly have a “free” day.

Of course, I find myself at the beach. It’s favorite place. I went for a brisk walk and am now sitting and writing while soaking up some Vitamin D.

We learned at Kripalu that, for those of us this North of the Equator, we should get one hour of direct sunlight per day. That one hour is qualified by having arms, legs, and face out.

Since Kripalu, and a subsequent talk with John Bagnulo about my intolerance to gluten, I’ve cut gluten out of my diet completely. It’s actually not as painful to do with all of the fresh vegetables and fruit I’ve been eating. A few unsuccessful attempts at gluten free pizza have made me appreciate my spinach salad even more!

With all of this new found energy as a direct result of giving up gluten and gaining so much time back, I’ve been able to launch some business ideas that I’ve had for a long time.

Cheers to being gluten free!

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