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Food Routines

Hello Friends!  I’ve been away from technology for a few weeks, relaxing in the last few days of the Summer.  Not being in work for a few weeks presented a lot of challenges in the form of BBQs, beaches, and social gatherings.  I have returned to my normal work schedule and really welcomed the return to a pattern.

A few notes –

My breakfast has been consisting of a cup and a half of edamame.  I boil them the night before (or in the morning, depending on my schedule) and eat them during the drive to work.  If you’re ever looking for me in the morning, just follow the edamame shells through Boston!

Lunch is still a steady meal of organic spinach with kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, carrots, red onions, bell peppers, and an olive oil and turmeric dressing.  I leave raw almonds in my office and also bring some fruit and organic peanut butter with me to work.  This has really worked for me and is such a big difference from eating out every single day.

Dinner has proven to be challenging, however.  I’m still trying to find a balance with dinner.  Luckily, with the cooler weather arriving, soup may become the dinner staple.  I like a food routine and having the same thing each night is a welcome pattern for me.  I have some great recipes for chili and soups shared by my friends from Kripalu and I am on my way to my favorite three grocery stores – Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Hannaford’s Market – to go grocery shopping!


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Arctic D Cod Liver Oil Capsules

Hello, Friends:

Look what came in the mail today!  I’m adding Arctic D Cod Liver Oil Capsules to the 4,000 IU of D3 that I’m currently taking.  At Kripalu, we learned about the benefits of these supplements and how important they are to optimal health.

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My Notes

My favorite part of coming home from Kripalu was re-reading my handwritten notes.  We all remember the black cardboard with the white pen attached.  I have a few pages of white unlined paper from each session.  Granted, my notes are useless to anyone except for me – it’s been that way since Elementary School.  But, re-reading them really brings me back to the Orchard Room.  Placing our shoes outside of the room, finding either a chair in the outer circle or a black pillow seat-back to sit on the floor.  Thankfully, the room was cool.  We really lucked out with the air conditioning!

Here are just a few excerpts from my notes.  These will mean the most to those of you who were at Kripalu with me.

“Don’t eat oxidized Cholesterol.”

“Take 3 deep breaths.”

“Bread – doorstop”

“Michael Pollen – Food Rules”

“Full Fat in small portions always better than Low Fat”

“No more than 5 ingredients on an ingredient list.”

“GRAS – Generally Regarded as Safe”

I’d love for you to share your tidbits of wisdom from your Kripalu notes below.  Each one is so important and is a great reminder of all of the information that we learned!





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One for the Road

Here’s a photo of the cup of pumpkin seeds I took “to go”. We learned that planning is key to success…and I knew that a three hour car ride needed a snack.

Thankfully, Kripalu showed me how to hunt and gather from the cafeteria rather than stop at Chipolte (which is what I did on my down here).


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I sneaked out of Kripalu and into downtown Lenox to have a cup of coffee. I’ve been without since Sunday and I wanted to be sure my taste buds still recognized the taste. We were taught that dark roast could be damaging so I opted for the lightest roast possible. Small, hot coffee.

I added a bit of whole milk (please be from a Jersey Cow) but did not add sugar or (gasp) Splenda.

Result? Good. My taste buds still work and I am not dependent on the sugary taste of Splenda to make life good.

Yes – one step closer to health!


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