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Nan-Made Recipe: Turmeric Face Masque

In the last few years, my obsession with the sun has gotten the best of my skin.  I have started to develop a bit of rosacea on my cheeks.  After a few unsuccessful visits to a dermatologist, I found my own solve in my cupboard.

I make a very simple mask of pure, organic turmeric and hexane-free castor oil.  I have found oil from The Palma Christi company to work best.

The recipe is simple – one part turmeric; two parts oil – added to an airtight glass jar.  Be sure to store it in a dark space.  (The castor oil is only a binding agent.  You can substitute your favorite oil.)

Caution – the turmeric will tint your skin with a yellow-orange color.  It makes a mess of your towels and bedding but is worth it!  My experience is that the tint is temporary and washes off.

The benefits of the turmeric are anti-inflammatory and puts the skin at ease.



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