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Hello, Friends

Hi Friends.

Long time, no post. I’ve been at home with a sick parent. All is well now but a week in ICU can really make you think about life, nutrition, and health.

It is really hard to stay healthy when a loved one is hospitalized and needs you. Alas, this is the most important time TO stay healthy.

With great healthcare, strong family bonds, and fabulous friends, we have made it through a rough few weeks and are back in action.

The first thing I am doing is rehydrating. This whole weekend, I’ve been drinking water and getting rehydrated to the max. I was drinking the prescribed 8 by 8 each day (eight glasses of eight ounces each). I admit to falling a bit off this wagon for the past week but I’ve dedicated this weekend to rehydrating and am proud to let you know that I’m back at my 8 glasses per day.

One of the best things I’ve done on this journey is purchasing a Camelbak Eddy water bottle. It’s great because it travels really well, keeps water cool with a few ice cubes, and helps me measure my water content. I just fill it four times a day and I’m on track to be properly hydrated for the day. Sometimes, I toss in a few drops of natural lemon juice for flavor.

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