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Back in Action

I’m embarrassed that it is taking a health scare to rejuvenate my blog and my interest in eating healthy but, alas… 

Short version – a week ago I woke up and wasn’t able to walk well.  Combined with a painful skin condition of some sort that restricted my ability to move my joints (inflammation), I bounced around to Urgent Care, ER, two Primary Care Physicians, and am pretty close to a diagnosis of sarcoidosis – manageable through a few different routes.  One of those routes is ‘food as medicine’.  

My (she’s the best) new Primary Care Physician – well, not new but due to some intricacies with health care plans, I was seeing different PCPs for a decade and was able to be welcomed back to her office – partnered me with a few Specialists to confirm her diagnosis.  One thing that we talked about was the concept of food as medicine and how, for the last ten days, I went on an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of:

  1. Leafy green vegetables (organic)
  2. Walnuts and almonds
  3. Water
  4. Pineapples and pineapple juice (organic)
  5. More water
  6. Lemon juice (for my water)
  7. Tart cherry juice (organic)
  8. Kidney beans 
  9. Berries (organic)

I’ve resolved to continuing to drink coffee but adjusted back any cream or sugar which is tough but still better than dying, right?

This takes much more planning both day to day and socially as so much of our American social system revolves around eating and no one wants to pull a bag of walnuts out at a fancy dinner party.

One resource that’s helping me is The Dirty Dozen list which is the list of fruits and vegetables that retain pesticides and should be purchased in organic format:


This list also includes The Clean Fifteen which is a list of fruits and vegetables that can be purchased in non-organic form as they do not retain pesticides.

Today’s morning meal breakdown:


Tart cherry juice and lemon water

Cup of strawberries

Cassava melon

I also started commuting 100% via public transportation to increase the distance I walk each day.  Normally, I drive to the train station and take the train in but today (and forward) I am walking to the bus which takes me to the train station.  It’s the small changes that we make incrementally as we adjust our lifestyle to truly live better and healthier.

As my blog name indicates, you can have a Day 1 for Health at many junctures.  Today is mine!

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