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Nan-Made: Organic Cilantro Lime Texmati Rice

Tonight’s dinner is going to be Mexican-inspired.  I am creating a Texmati White Rice with Cilantro and Lime.  The rice and cilantro are organically grown.  The lime is conventional.  I haven’t been able to find organic fresh limes – just lime juice.  

This is a really easy recipe.  Just boil a quarter cup of rice (per serving), chop cilantro as finely as possible, and take a quarter lime, squeeze the juice and then finely chop the pulp.  Add the cilantro and lime to the rice.  Be sure to let it sit for about ten – fifteen minutes to let the flavor completely cover the rice.  




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Sugar, sugar everywhere

These “fruit” cups pack about 18 grams of sugar per serving. Even the sugary kids cereals have less sugar per serving.


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