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Bok Choy Water Soup

Tonight, in the cold of the winter, I made a very light water broth soup. It was simple…
one bunch of scallions – chopped finely
five florets of baby Bok Choy – sliced
water – bring to boil
two shakes of a light sodium soy sauce
a tablespoon of sesame oil

Bring water to boil.

Add soy sauce and sesame oil.

Toss in scallions and Bok Choy.

Boil for ten minutes.





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Staying Hydrated

It’s freezing outside so many of us in the Northeast have the heat on high. This is great; it keeps us warm and toasty. The only downfall is that is dries out the air. Immensely. We all need to hydrate and drink as much water as possible! Even drinking enough water, your skin (mine is) may still dry out just from the wear and tear of the Winter.

A hint – I try to keep the air hydrated and aromatic in a very organic, low tech way. I simply take a pan, fill it with water and orange peels (which also means that you’re eating an orange and getting some healthy vitamins), and boil away. Warning – you cannot leave the pan on the stove unattended!! This is only to be done while you’re in the kitchen and able to watch the pan. I let the water boil continually which feeds steam into the air. The added benefit of adding orange peels allows for a citrus scent to linger in the house.


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Garlic Popcorn

Boston was hit with a blizzard this weekend and everyone is housebound. I’m fighting the boredom by making a quick and healthy snack of garlic popcorn.

Start with a deep wok and two cloves of garlic (chopped up finely). Place a few teaspoons of olive oil and the garlic in the wok. Heat for two minutes.

Add in a half cup of popcorn kernels and cover on a low to medium heat.

As soon as you hear the popping stop, uncover, shake and pour into a bowl for a delicious and healthy snack!

popcorn in wok with garlic and olive oil

popcorn in wok with garlic and olive oil

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Thank God for Florida

We had one semi-warm day in Boston this week. Otherwise, it’s been freezing out here. This weather is kind of tough and I’m trying to find ways to bring some sunshine into my life. Alas, one quick trip to the supermarket and I purchased a large bag (ok – so it was a ten pound bag) of Florida navel oranges.

This was a three fold purchase – it gave me a change to get some flavorful oranges and bring a bit of Florida sunshine into my life, is providing me with Vitamin C, AND the orange peels are sitting on my stove emitting a very citrusy aroma into the air. Triple Crown win for oranges in the Winter!


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