Red Lentil

I’m quite excited as I’m meeting up with some of my friends from Kripalu tomorrow. We’re heading to lunch at Red Lentil in Watertown, Ma. Red Lentil is a vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant. Expect a full report tomorrow night!

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  1. Ann

    Red Lentil turned out to be a little gem. The get together had been planned for quite some time but the complexities of life affect us all. The gaggle of friends turned into an intimate brunch for two.

    I had one of the specials, a bean and veggie infused hash with goat cheese. Very yummy and filling. Had to take my cup of soup home in a doggie bag for later. Laurie had a huge red lentil burger and a very light and fresh miso soup. We both had some red wine which I literally ended up wearing – very small tables.

    After we left the restaurant we took a walk along the Charles River to help with the digestion and also to reconnect. It was such a jump-start and recommitment to the teachings of Drs. John and Lisa. The weather was perfect and the trees were shouting out their beauty. A very enjoyable and satisfying day. To those who missed the day, I hope your bumps in the road are just that. Till next time.

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