Hot Water Weather

For those of you (myself included) who have cut out gluten, there’s been some research on the effects of coffee on the gluten intolerant. However, we still need some warming up in the morning. I’ve solved this by drinking a mug of hot lemon water each morning. I boil some water and add a few drops of Whole Foods Organic Lemon juice. It’s a perfect way to start off a cold morning!


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5 responses to “Hot Water Weather

  1. Mary-Margaret

    That’s impressive, Nan! I’m not sure I want to give up my cup of tea in the morning or my one guilty pleasure in the afternoon – a Starbucks whole milk latte. I know, I know……..

    • It’s funny because that week @ Kripalu was like a coffee detox (until I blew off one of the classes to go get a cup of coffee in Lenox). I was off coffee (understanding that I always needed a cup of coffee before I could function in the morning) until a few weeks ago and then I slipped back into it. But, I’ve learned so much about the connection between coffee and gluten. Last Winter, I started drinking hot water with lemon and 5 (yes, 5) splenda so it was easy to go back to it (minus the splenda). It’s so hard to do but I’m determined! Since I removed gluten from my diet, I am way less sleepy and wake up before my alarm so the coffee is less of a factor these days.

      Great to hear from you!!!

  2. Ann

    Hey hey M-M: Welcome back to the fold!

    I worked with a woman years ago who drank a nice warm teacupful of hot water every morning. I asked her why she didn’t just drink a glass of water, she said the heat helped keep her regular. Sure sounds much better with the addition of lemon juice.

    I have not given up the Joe yet but I have tried going for a blonder roast. I was at midnight black but now I’m at about dark chestnut. . . It’s a start.

    Yes Nan that number of students was not a typo. It’s the biggest school in the state and at one point it was the biggest east of the Mississippi River. It’s like a little city, I rarely think about the size anymore. My job requires that I walk to multiple places throughout the school and on some days I can get a very good workout.

    • That’s an amazing number of students to work with; you should get a walking pedometer and see how much you’re moving around during the day. I’m still struggling with getting an hour of movement in each day but I’m determined to get there!

      For the few weeks that I slipped back into the coffee grind (pun intended), I was getting the Starbucks blonde roast (black). It was funny walking into Starbucks to ask for a “Tall Blonde”. It’s a lighter roast and they make it in a K-cup. However, there was one day when I needed a bit of cream in the coffee and knew that I was on my way back to depending on coffee again. That’s when I cut it out completely and moved to the hot water. I did this last Winter as well so I’m hopeful that I kicked coffee forever.

      Talk w/ you soon!

  3. Hey Guys

    I’m still having my tumbler of hot water and lemon juice every morning but I’ve added in one whole organic (frozen) blackberry. It gives it a bit of kick and adds just a nice element of tart to my morning. I bought the organic frozen black berries a while ago and they’ve been in the freezer waiting to be used. Delicious!


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