Fig Trees


Living in Boston, amazingly, you can grow a fig tree. These trees need a little TLC in the Winter time and live inside until the weather gets warm.

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August 26, 2012 · 6:46 pm

One response to “Fig Trees

  1. Ann

    Gosh, they’re so beautiful and exotic looking. Thanks for the generous offer from your Mom.

    School starts next week and I know I’ll be challenged. I’ll need to bring in lots of celery and carrots – good church appeal. Last week I went to a great farm stand and bought some swiss chard in a big flower pot. I love it, I just go outside and pick a few leaves when I need them, no more soggy kale in the back of my refrigerator that I forgot about.

    Something new this AM. I added a raw beet to my smoothie. The color is beautiful and it tastes great! I just have to make sure I avoid the “Got Beet” upper lip.

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