Hello, Black Mission Figs!

Black mission figs are officially in season in Massachusetts. These figs can be found at grocery stores and international shops. They are black on the outside and dark pink to crimson red on the inside.

Figs are an unbelievable source of Fiber, Potassium, and Vitamin B! A triple threat of health. They’re also low in calories and recoended by John Bagnulo as a great food to eat.



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2 responses to “Hello, Black Mission Figs!

  1. Ann

    When I saw that beautiful picture I went out to Market Basket and bought some figs. They are so different than the dried ones. I had one with a little plain whole milk yogurt for a snack last night. Amazed at how it satisfied my sweet tooth.

    Does anyone have thoughts about home food dehydrators? There is an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies around now and I was wondering how I could put some of it by. It is also very hard to find dried fruit without added sugar. Thanks.

  2. Hi Ann – That’s great to hear. They are only in season for a short time so eat up! My parents have a fig tree that is in season (organic w/ a compost) and they’re starting to sprout up.

    I had a conversation with my sister last week. She actually took tomatoes from her garden, sliced them thin (too thin, apparently) and dried them in her over. Her goal was sun dried tomatoes but she ended up with light, thin, tasty tomato chips. Her whole family was raving about them. I guess you can try some different ways of drying fruit and veggies before you make the commitment to buy a dehydrator.

    Just remember, with Autumn comes pumpkin, squash, and other veggies that we’ll be able to eat. This will also be a great time to use some of the (Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods) frozen organic fruits. I’ve brought a few of them and they are a tad bit different than the fresh variety but seem to do the trick. I assume that I’ll be jumping up and down to have them come Winter time in Boston!

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