Wok n Roll

Kripalu Friends:

I recently had a phone consult with John Bagnulo, PhD, Naturalist, Nutritionist. I am really grateful for having the time to talk with him. We reviewed my current meals and John made a suggestion of adding stir fry into my plans for dinner. So of course this gave me an opportunity to shop for a new pan! I decided on a DannySeo, Recycled Steel, Eco Friendly Wok. It has ceramic coating that has no PTFE or PFOA.

My first stir fry is going to be organic broccoli (frozen/Trader Joe’s), fresh snow peas, and organic lentils (Eden). I’m adding in extra virgin olive oil and turmeric. I might add in some fresh coconut for flavor. Stay tuned!




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5 responses to “Wok n Roll

  1. Petrina

    I’ve bought this too, but I’m trying to find out what the relationship (if any) is between recycled steel and carbon steel. Was also reluctant to use aluminum for cooking. Thought one needed to ‘season’ a wok, but I see no instructions with this. Any info?

    • Hi Petrina

      I actually did not season the wok at all; just started using it with olive oil for my stir fry. I found some info on the DannySeo website but you can also learn more about ceramic PTFE and PFOA chemical free cooking on cooking equipment.about.com for starters. Stay in touch and keep us updated!

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