Grocery Shopping – Hat Trick!

Before my visit to Kripalu, I was eating 85 – 90% of my meals in restaurants. Post-Kripalu, I’ve changed that to 99% of my meals prepared at home. These are true numbers. I have found that the key making this very successful change has been where and how I am doing my grocery shopping.

Yesterday, I went to three grocery stores in the Boston area to get everything that I needed for this upcoming week. I shop at Hannaford Supermarket in Saugus, Trader Joe’s in Saugus, and Whole Foods in Medford. Hannaford’s and Trader Joe’s are both very close to each other but Whole Foods is a bit of a hike.

Here’s the breakdown of what I got and from where:

Visit #1 – Trader Joe’s

  1. frozen organic blueberries (for quick fix in the morning)
  2. frozen organic broccoli (for stir fry in the evening)
  3. frozen asian veggie stir fry
  4. frozen edamame no salt (grabbed 7 of these; one for each day; this is my breakfast every morning)
  5. organic crunchy almond butter (on suggestion of John Bagnulo for a quick morning breakfast w/ carrots)
  6. raw pepitas/pumpkin seeds (I roast them at home; put a handful on my spinach salad each day)
  7. organic kidney beans (for spinach salad; a half cup during lunch every day)

Visit #2 – Hannaford’s Supermarket (A previous post of mine has info on Hannaford’s great organic sections.)

  1. Eden brand organic lentils (for stir fry)
  2. snow peas (for stir fry)
  3. honey dew melon (for lunch)
  4. shallots (for stir fry and because they smelled so good)
  5. organic blueberries (a few packs to eat during the week)
  6. organic carrots (for breakfast with almond butter & for lunch on spinach salad)
  7. Oliva’s Organics Baby Spinach (bought enough to bring a large salad each day to work)

Visit #3 – Whole Foods

  1. Organic Cantaloupe (cut in half, brought to lunch)
  2. Eden Red Vinegar (suggested by John Bagnulo to replace Balsamic Vinegar in my daily salad dressing)
  3. Unsweetened Coconut Flakes (suggestion by John Bagnulo, for a snack)
  4. Organic Peaches (enough to have one each morning)
  5. Organic Plums (enough to have one each morning)
  6. Pure Lemon Juice (to add to salad dressing)
  7. Organic Unsalted Ground Peanut Butter

Total Spent: $85.78  This should bring me though about five or six days straight.  Not too shabby!


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