Two Weeks Home Today

Kripalu Friends,
Today is August 3. We have been home for two full weeks.

Here’s a quick list of what has changed in my life:

I have removed grain/bread from my diet. I no longer want to sleep after a meal.

Before Kripalu, I needed (not desired or wanted but needed) a coffee to wake me up in the morning. I did not function before my morning coffee. Now, I have had two small black, blonde roasted coffees in 14 days. I wake up energized and wake up BEFORE my alarm clock! No coffee needed.

I have only had water. No Diet Coke at all. Also, my craving for it has disappeared.

I have not eaten out once and have brought my lunch (or applicable meal) to work, play, etc. Because I’ve been able to plan out each meal, I have not had any “food emergencies” and had to grab a quick bite at a salty restaurant!

I look at food differently. I am a label reader. Just because something is sold at Whole Foods, does not mean it is healthy.

I’ve become more informed as a consumer and have been able to inform others. I subscribe to Food Safety News and really have started to question the way food is produced in the States.

To my Diabetic friends – Before Kripalu, I am confident that I was well on my way down the Diabetes road. My extremities were often numb or tingly. I’m happy to say that all of that has subsided and I am convinced that there was a direct connection between what I was eating and how I was feeling/damaging my body.

Pre-Kripalu, I almost always had indigestion. Post-Kripalu, I have had very minor bouts once or twice.

Before Kripalu, I loved roasted garlic! Post-Kripalu, I now eat it (too much?) each day. Cloves and cloves of lightly sautéed garlic with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and rosemary. I leave it on my stove and snack on it. I have not lost any friends to my garlic breath.

What I haven’t started to do is move more. I am parking my car far distances from my destination but this is not substantial. This week, I am going to commit to three times/week of (minimum) 30 minutes of exercise. Hold me to it!

I’m not sure why I signed up for “Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease”. It was a toss between that and a trip to my beloved Rome. But, in the end, I am positive that my week at Kripalu with Doctors Lisa and John saved my life.

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to change!


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4 responses to “Two Weeks Home Today

  1. Ann

    I admit that I have been spoiled by having the summers off from work. As a result I have savored these past two weeks for I feel they are special.  One of my take-aways was the realization that  this was not all about what I put in my mouth. There is a strong mental component.
    I do believe that we all will get a subscription to Yoga Journal-as a thank you and reminder of our stay at Kripalu. The magazine is great but their website is spectacular. With the help of the website I have been meditating almost daily (not going for sainthood-if I miss a day that’s ok).  Within that practice one is encouraged to make an intention. Most of mine have become gifts for others. As you can see I’m working on number one of John’s list-harder than you think. I’m also laughing more.
    I had been doing ok with the move portion preKripalu. Then my gym closed – left town in the middle of the night type of closed. I do miss those yoga classes. I have since joined the Y and went to my first yoga class last Friday am, expecting a relaxing but strenuous hour long class.  Not quite what I got.  Two hours and my first successful head-stand later I emerged, not quite knowing what had happened.  I’ll keep working on this portion. I remember John talking about his chin-up bar in his kitchen. I’ve been cleaning out my cellar, shlepping  stuff up and down the stairs, I know that counts in this game of life.
    There are areas that I’m still working on. Yesterday I was at a lunch buffet. I thought I was making a good choice with the fresh fruit salad. The strawberries were dripping in sugar. I ate it anyway because it was the best choice. My taste buds are changing. I sometimes find it easier to throw out of my diet (meat and grain) than to daily include (dark leafy greens, fish, garlic, celery, smelly onions).  Such an interesting journey.

    Nan-What are your exercise options? Walking along the Charles River sounds like it should be in the mix. Per you’re request, let me knows what you do. #2 of THE list is laugh, work on that one ’cause it’s fun.

    • Hi Ann!

      This totally worked; I’m heading out for a 30 minute walk around my neighborhood! Thank you!!!


    • Got to love when a gym closes in the middle of the night; so creepy! I’m very impressed that you did a headstand at the Y-oga. Yes, carrying things up a flight of stairs def. counts as movement!

      I realized that although I’m getting my leafy greens (mostly spinach and escarole), most of my fruits are high glycemic and I should probably cut some of that sugar out. Alas, still better than eating at the Cheesecake Factory every day; still not sure what was going through my head!

      My exercise options are a. the beach I live near, b. the gym that I belong to, and c. my neighborhood (very hilly with tons of telephone poles to spring between a la John Bagnulo). This blog is helping me stick to my program a lot and your comments are hugely inspirational!

      I looked at some of the programs at Kripalu for autumn but haven’t found anything interesting yet. I am still hoping for a Part II!

      Talk w/ you soon!

      • Ann

        The walk sounds good. I’ve decided it’s way to hot to do much of anything. Hills, the beach. . . You’re well on your way.

        Did you see the 60 Minute segment last night? They were talking about sugar and not fat being the culprit regarding good health. Yeah Drs. Lisa and John. Thank you!

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