Silent Commute

I drove to work in silence this morning. No talk radio, no music. And boy oh boy was it peaceful! I opened my windows, felt the breeze, and heard the quiet noise of the world!
Peaceful way to begin my day!


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3 responses to “Silent Commute

  1. Maureen

    Sounds wonderful. I do have tried to in cooperate those quiet meditative times into my day. What a difference. I am loving your blog .

  2. Ann

    On my re-entry from Kripalu I took things real slow. I listened to music the whole ride back, no radio. It was about three days before I turned on the radio and about five before I turned on the TV. I don’t look at it as tuning things out, rather I see the experience as tuning into me.

    Another thing that I have not done since my return is mow the lawn. Not sure the neighbors are happy with that. Oh well.

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