One Full Week – Success

I’ve been home for one full week from Kripalu and am very proud to report that I have been at 100% natural diet with no caffeine. I’m more energetic, in a better mood, and feel so much better overall!


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4 responses to “One Full Week – Success

  1. Mary-Margaret

    I’m happy with my week at home as well. I’ve resisted drinking any wine (a past habit with dinner) and that’s a biggie! 😉
    Also, I’ve walked every day for an hour and have eaten very, very healthy foods. Slipped one night out when we went to an Italian restaurant (kiss of death for this heart healthy diet we’re following) and ate garlic bread and small amount of pasta. Will NOT be going out to an Italian dinner again for a loooooong time. Too hard to resist the grains. AND, I had my first teaspoon of cod liver oil yesterday – Whooppeee! 🙂

  2. Ann

    No caffeine, no wine – That’s Great!

    I feel like a complete hedonist. I have been consuming both in moderation. I have, however, given up meat, sugar and grains. Pretty much all with no problem.

    We should all put our right hand over our left shoulder and give ourselves a pat on the back.

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