My Notes

My favorite part of coming home from Kripalu was re-reading my handwritten notes.  We all remember the black cardboard with the white pen attached.  I have a few pages of white unlined paper from each session.  Granted, my notes are useless to anyone except for me – it’s been that way since Elementary School.  But, re-reading them really brings me back to the Orchard Room.  Placing our shoes outside of the room, finding either a chair in the outer circle or a black pillow seat-back to sit on the floor.  Thankfully, the room was cool.  We really lucked out with the air conditioning!

Here are just a few excerpts from my notes.  These will mean the most to those of you who were at Kripalu with me.

“Don’t eat oxidized Cholesterol.”

“Take 3 deep breaths.”

“Bread – doorstop”

“Michael Pollen – Food Rules”

“Full Fat in small portions always better than Low Fat”

“No more than 5 ingredients on an ingredient list.”

“GRAS – Generally Regarded as Safe”

I’d love for you to share your tidbits of wisdom from your Kripalu notes below.  Each one is so important and is a great reminder of all of the information that we learned!





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2 responses to “My Notes

  1. Ann

    Gosh we learned so much. It is hard for me to incorporate it all successfully. I’m taking a page from Bill Murray in What About Bob – “Baby Steps.” I’m working on reducing sugar and grain.

    Here are some of my notes:
    • Your genes are only part of the puzzle. You can counteract their effect by
    o what you eat,
    o how you move and
    o how you relate to stress
    • Sugar turns the big fluffy LDL into small marbles (I played marbles as kid – good visuals for me)
    • FICTION: a calorie is a calorie
    • Inflammation is when that well-trained army turns into hoodlums
    • Low-fat milk has more sugar than whole milk
    • Rice milk is white water
    • Your taste buds will adjust in about 3 weeks

    I just loved those black pillow-chairs. Trying to figure how to incorporate that feel into my life at work.

    • I totally do not miss those black pillow-chairs! I am considering going back at the end of the month for two nights for one of the R&R programs! I figured it would be good practice to get back there a few times a year.

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