Words of Wisdom

Dr. Lisa and Dr. John both talked with us about bread and juice. The two major points that I took away were…

1. Bread is not a health food.
2. Juice is not a health food.

We also learned that light, fluffy bread is super unhealthy. The best test of a loaf of bread is how heavy it is. “If you can use it as a door stop, it might be healthy.” Such a great test of the nutrition value of bread.

I had gone four days without any bread or grains and I feel great. I have not been tired or sluggish at all. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s experiences. You can leave a comment below so that we can all chat!


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4 responses to “Words of Wisdom

  1. Ann


    Trying to do nightly meditation, I continue to try but find it is hard, both on the body and the mind. Happy for the distraction.

    I, too, feel great w/out grains. I fell off the wagon a bit at supper tonight. I ate a crab cake that pre-last week I did not think was all that bad. It apparently has filler in it. It is amazing how fast our taste buds change. I felt very bloated even though I did not overeat.

    My last cereal for breakfast was last Wed. – pretty much cold turkey since then. Sleeping well. I’ve found that I’m thirsty, no additional salt intake. Perhaps it’s the heat. Good luck with tomorrow.

  2. Ann

    In addition to trying to do no grains I’m working hard on getting rid of that hidden sugar. This site came to me in an email http://www.takepart.com/photos/9-sugar-filled-drinks-avoid?cmpid=tpnews-eml-2012-07-23-sugary_drinks

    They list some popular drinks and their sugar content. Quite eye popping. Guess Cold Stone Creamery is off the list of safe places to visit. Lobster ice cream wouldn’t even be able to save them. Enjoy the site and brush your teeth when you’re through.

    • Mary-Margaret

      Saw the same site a few days ago. Unbelievable! Fortunately, I don’t drink any of those anyway. But, WOW.

    • Wow; that’s amazingly scary. Lemonade was one of the things that I used to drink all summer. That’s scary. Especially those drinks that seem to be healthful like the green tea. Yikes!

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