This is a link to the website,, that we learned about at Kripalu.  John mentioned it to us.  I have since taken a peek around the site and it’s a great resource for learning more about the organic and natural food industry.  


July 22, 2012 · 12:25 pm

2 responses to “

  1. Mary-Margaret

    Just checked out the Cornucopia site and looked at the ratings for organic eggs. Sad to see that two of the choices I bought in the past – Horizon Organics and Egglands Best (and thought were healthier, organic choices….well, not so much). I’ll be choosing a better rated brand going forward. Too bad the general public doesn’t have this information to ensure dollars going to the best (honest) producers.

  2. I know; it’s so simple once you have the resources. I emailed John today about Nordic Naturals but I’m just not sure I can do fish oil in liquid format… I’m emailing them for a sample to see if I can handle it. Otherwise, I’m going to have to take a less healthy capsule. It’s amazing how much you question everything once your eyes have been opened! The site is pretty cool! At least you know which eggs to get now! Better late than never.

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