Ugh. First Roadblock.

Ok. Just went food shopping at my local grocery store (Stop and Shop). With the info I learned last week, there simply was not enough of an organic selection from which to shop. Very sparse. I also had my Dirty Dozen list with me; that didn’t help.

I left and am heading to Trader Joe’s to give it a try.


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4 responses to “Ugh. First Roadblock.

  1. Ann

    I also took a bit of Kripalu with me when I left. My first supper when I got back to the real world was an organic red delicious and some peanut butter. When I went shopping I found some tumeric in it’s original form – looked like a root the size of one of my fingers with arthritis – very knobby. Who knew? The things we learn.

    • I looked for turmeric at Trader Joe’s but couldn’t find it. Maybe I’ll layer that on next month.

      The apple and PB sounds good! I forgot to pick up some PB last night; thank you for the reminder!

      I realized I lost ten lbs while at Kripalu. That was a nice perk!

  2. Ann

    WOW! Ten pounds is huge. Congrats. I lost a few pounds but I think that was due to increased activity. It sure felt like my days were packed. I have done yoga for seven straight days. . . Not sure that I’ll keep that up ’cause I’ll need some variety. No chin-up bar in my kitchen yet.

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