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Ugh. First Roadblock.

Ok. Just went food shopping at my local grocery store (Stop and Shop). With the info I learned last week, there simply was not enough of an organic selection from which to shop. Very sparse. I also had my Dirty Dozen list with me; that didn’t help.

I left and am heading to Trader Joe’s to give it a try.


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One for the Road

Here’s a photo of the cup of pumpkin seeds I took “to go”. We learned that planning is key to success…and I knew that a three hour car ride needed a snack.

Thankfully, Kripalu showed me how to hunt and gather from the cafeteria rather than stop at Chipolte (which is what I did on my down here).


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Top 10 List for Reversing Heart Disease

10. <1500 mg of sodium per day

9. one hour (or 3000 IU) of sunlight

8. 1 cup of beans/legumes per day

7. 4 oz. of oily fish/day (or fish oil at 2000 mg – Nordic Naturals)

6. 7 cups of fruits and veggies/day – easy to do when planned into all meals

5. minimize sugar & flour

4. 1 cup of dark greens (bare minimum) per day

3. move

2. laugh

1. love

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